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Whether you are the family historian gathering generations for a full family portrait, the parent of a newborn or brood of children, family portraits are for all the seasons of your life.

Relaxed, informal sessions provide a comfortable environment for the best possible photographic result. As a mother and photographer, I know the importance of appreciating a child's perpetual movement and know how to channel even challenging energy into an image that captures the gifts inherent in their nature.  

From portraits for mantles and hanging to holiday cards and gifts, let me work with your family to ensure that moment you want to display or gift, is truly a moment worth reflecting on.

Portraits Session are $175 and include:

- an in-studio or on-location session for your immediate or extended family
- an online gallery full of your images to review and share

-experienced quality photo editing: Don't bother dieting, we can take the extra ten pounds off in post-editing. We can also fix acne, whiten teeth, swap heads and just about anything else you can think of.

- For your convenience, you can purchase photos directly through the Abbey Knoll website.

Our perspective at Abbey Knoll Photography is that portraiture is art, invaluable art. Which is why we agree with our friends at Heidi Hope Photography, Warwick, RI when they blogged,"We invest in professional photographers to capture the details of our life beautifully and in a way that no one else can. We invest in a service that caters to our specific requests and takes care of the whole process professionally from end to end. I can cook a gourmet meal at home, but there is nothing like going to my favorite fine restaurant and having the amazing staff take care of everything for us. We hire professional photographers to create “artwork” for us and for our families. We hire them to document a time in our lives through their unique artistic eye so that we can enjoy looking back on it for generations. If all you get is a dvd in the mail, upload to the pics to facebook and then stuff your DVD in a drawer, you are missing out on what professional photography truly is! Couldn’t you have just as easily shared some Iphone pics?" @Hope

Let's make art together. Call for your session today.
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