Winter 2017 Schedule is currently being finalized. Here is what's scheduled so far:

Course 101: Intro to Digital Photography:

Are you new to DSLR Photography? Are your pictures coming out blurry, too bright or too dark? Would you like to learn more about composition and lighting? Learn how to freeze motion or get blurry backgrounds. We’ll cover everything from composition to shutter speed, aperture and ISO. This course is designed as an all-encompassing introduction to DSLR photography for newbies. We’ll start the workshop in the studio and learn the basics for your digital camera.

Session One:

Hanover High School, January 24 & 26th from 7 to 9 PM


Snowy Owl Photography Tour

Saturday February 4th, 9-noon

Join us as we head to Duxbury Beach in search of snowy owls to photograph. We will meet in Duxbury, where transportation will be provided onto the beach. We will learn how to use tripods and zoom lenses to best capture images of these seasonal visitors. We will also discuss how to handle camera gear in cold weather. Please bring a DSLR camera, lenses and your camera's user manual. Dress for cold and windy weather.


Hanover High School, Tuesday February 7th, 7:00-9:00pm

If you love taking photos with your iPhone but you want to take it to the next level and create high quality images, this workshop is for you. We'll teach you the tools, techniques, and photography tips to create gorgeous iPhone photographs. The storage, transfer and sharing of photos will also be discussed. Please bring your own iPhone.

Still Life workshop

Hanover High School, Tuesday February 28th 7:00-9:00pm

Still Life workshop This workshop will focus on the basics of still life photography, and will challenge your abilities to compose, light, and create images. We will be covering table top lighting, composition, the ever popular bokeh (creating blurry backgrounds) and much more. Please bring a DSLR camera, lenses and your camera's user manual.

Time and Date TBD:

Night Photography Workshop:

Enroll in the night photography workshop  and discover just how night photography opens a whole new world of creative opportunities and can produce some amazing results.

Control your camera manually as you learn how to expose for mood, capture light blur trails, zooming and light painting techniques, creative portraits at night and much more.

For beginners looking for a fun and exciting introduction to digital photography or enthusiasts looking to switch to manual or looking to brush up on their technique. The night photography course  is a fun night’s photography for people looking to shoot and experiment with like minded people. All you need is a Digital SLR, Hybrid or Micro 4/3 camera with full manual controls, a sturdy tripod and lots of memory space. Dont have a tripod? We can provide one. 

Powderpoint Bridge, Duxbury

Please contact Maura directly for class offerings at 508-212-4182 alternately you can reach her by email @ maura@abbeyknollphotography.com.
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